Anna & Chris

Wedding Photo

Berkely, CA I flew up to Oakland for Chris and Anna’s wedding day in April. Anna found me through the wide, tangled webs of the Instagram algorithm, and I’m so glad that she did!  Chris and Anna weren’t able to have full on wedding reception because of Covid regulations, so they had a “grab a […]

Lauren & Paul

Wedding Film, Wedding Photo

Idyllwild Wedding at Rainbow Inn When friends convinced Paul and Lauren to sign up for online dating – neither of them know that it would only take just *one* date for fate to bring these two together!  They hit it off quickly and have been together for over eight years. During that time they’ve adventured […]

Jordan & Amber

Wedding Film, Wedding Photo

Downtown San Diego Wedding Jordan and Amber started with a serendipitous swipe right on Tinder. Three weeks into meeting each other, they were already in Mexico together. Four years later on a road trip, Jordan proposed their trip to Malibu in an RV. Amber was washing her face at the tiny sink after a long […]