Your wedding day is so much more than a big party. I mean, yes: it's a party - and things are gonna get crazy! But your day is far bigger than florals and cake and an open bar.

It's the culmination of those first texts that you thought way too hard about how to phrase. It's about those weekend road trips with no destination - just to be together. It's all those one days and maybes that are now becoming an actual, real thing.

A lot has happened to get you to this place, and the truth is: it's a really good story. 

If you’re nervous you might ugly cry during your vows, if you’re not afraid of your dress getting a little messy running through the woods, and if you want a story that will make your kids realize what good-looking, crazy-in-love humans their parents were on their wedding day, I think I'd be the perfect videographer for you.

first things first

Your wedding day
is a beautiful story, 

& it deserves to be told well

I won’t tell you how much I invest each year on new equipment [it’s a lot] or nerd you out with specs, but just know I’m using top-notch camera, audio, and lighting to make your video look like something that should win an award. 

Made Legit

I want to hear all the details and cute moments in how you fell in love! No couple, love story or wedding day is the same, and so your film should capture who you are and what makes your journey together unique.

made for you

 I spend *lots* of hours [seriously, it’s probably at the point of obsession] crafting and then tweaking every film, from finding the perfect song, to deciding which shots look best, to crafting the story line and mood of your film. I want your film be everything you dreamed it would be - and then some. 

made with love




+ Regan as your cinematographer
+ Additional second shooter
+ 8 hours of coverage
+ 7 minute story-film
+ Aerial footage
+ Digital delivery

+ Regan as your cinematographer
+ 6 hours of coverage
+ 3 minute story-film
+ Digital delivery

+ Regan as your cinematographer
+ Additional second shooter
+ Full day coverage
+ 9 minute story-film
+ Full edit of toasts and ceremony
+ Aerial footage
+ Instagram highlight
+ Digital delivery

 starting at $4,575

Packages in NORTHERN California start at $4,750

Everyone talks about our wedding video and we are truly obsessed with it. She captured moments and displayed them better than we could have ever imagined. Regan is passionate about what she does and it shows up in every film she creates.

- Carlie

Before the wedding day is here, I want to hear your story! We'll connect over FaceTime or coffee, and you get to share all the moments that led to this day. I'll share with you how to best incorporate your unique story into your wedding day.


It's the wedding day! It's time to party! I'll be capturing all the big moments and little ones in between that slip by so quickly. I'm filming candidly and unobtrusively, adding direction when needed. My aim is  to keep the focus on the main thing: you two. 


I'll get started on editing your film, making sure you like the music that I think help tells your story best. I focus on narrative storytelling, selecting all the best moments from the day while color-grading each shot. The result is a handcrafted piece of art & memories you'll share with family and friends for years to come.


ready to capture some incredible moments?

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