you have a story to tell

Maybe you happened to sit next to each other on a flight. Maybe you were lab partners in chemistry. Maybe you swiped right. But something happened. Maybe it was overnight; maybe over years. But that little something that started way-back-when is about to change everything.

The truth is: your love, and your story, is a miracle. It’s a gift to this world, and it’s a story worth remembering and celebrating. 

So let’s tell a story that matters


Trey & Carlie


When Carlie called me about her wedding in the forest of Oregon, I was sold. Woods, rivers, mountains?! Yes, yes, and more yes.

But more than the incredibly stunning location of Blue River, what made this wedding so special was Carlie and Trey’s hearts for each other, those around them, and most of all their Savior.

It’s really no joke when Carlie’s maid of honor talks about how truly thoughtful Carlie is. When I showed up to my guest room she had a bag filled with goodies and my favorite snacks—which she knew from taking note of my Instagram stories. Who is that thoughtful?!

And Trey. Pretty sure within five seconds of meeting him, you’re positive he’s one of the kindest men you’ll meet, with a heart that truly listens.

Let’s just say #powercouple here. I am so glad I was able to be apart of this day for such a beautiful couple and their families. I know God has good, good things in store for these two and their life together.


Scottie & Nashya

Joshua Tree || California

Scottie and Nashya’s love has been built around adventuring and exploring together. As rock climbers themselves, they chose a fitting spot for their wedding in one of their favorite places and where they were engaged: Joshua Tree National Park.

These two are just the best. We wandered around climbing rocks, guzzling water, and trying to avoid cacti. But man, oh man—this was worth it.

Not only are these two incredibly fun and sweet together, but they have a deep and profound love for each other and their Savior. A love incredibly beautiful to witness.

I’m SO pumped to share this film and to have captured such a rad couple and day! Congrats Scottie and Nahsya!


Brooks & Melissa

Hilton Head || South Carolina

Set in the gorgeous low country near Hilton Head, Brooks and Melissa’s wedding looked like something out of a Nicholas Sparks book. Being back in the South again for the day couldn’t have made my heart any happier. From the Southern hospitality everywhere you go, to the sprawling plantation estates surrounded by Spanish moss, to the average alligator just tanning itself on the river bank—I’ve missed this state so much.

Although from New York, Melissa’s parents vacationed in Hilton Head every year growing up, which led her back to the South at USC for her undergrad. There she met Brooks - and the rest is history. It felt really special to be back in the place where they fell in love.

The film speaks for itself in how gorgeous their wedding was, and how loved and respected these two are by their family and friends. I am so grateful for the warm welcome I received throughout the weekend with these two.  They've got a beautiful future ahead  - Congrats Brooks and Melissa!


 Monirath & Andrea

North Plains || Oregon

Surrounded by the towering firs and pines of the Oregon forest, with albino peacocks and trickling brooks in the background, Andrea and Monirath’s wedding felt like something out of a dream.

Monirath met Andrea when he was doing his medical fellowship in Oregon. They were introduced through mutual friends, although they both were dating others at the time. They would randomly keep in touch over the next three years on whims via text or social media, until something just clicked one day.

After dating less than six months, Andrea moved to Seattle to be with Monirath’s family, helping care for his sick father. It was so emotional and beautiful to see his presence remembered throughout their day, and to see the strength and bond that those hard times created in their relationship.

I felt so honored to capture this day for two such kind and genuine souls as Andrea and Monirath. Their story, and their hearts, are made up of the real good stuff.


Donovan & Laura

San Clemente || San Diego

There is nothing better at a wedding than seeing a groom totally lose his mind when his bride walks down the aisle. Donovan watching Laura walk down the aisle would definitely make my top 10 wedding moments list.

And if that wasn't sweet enough, you'll *really* lose it when you hear his vows. I mean, there are SO many quotable lines in here: "I thought you were so out of my league that we weren't even playing the same sport." While editing this film, I pulled my husband aside multiple times to watch and say, "You HAVE to hear how sweet these two are together!". I do this every day, and still Laura and Donovan give me all the feels while editing.

The feeling that overflows from these two is their gratitude for each other. They truly and deeply love and care for each, and they don't take that for granted. They realize how lucky they are to have found each other.

There are so many special moments throughout their day, but I'll let the film speak for itself. I'm so privileged to have met these two and witness their love and story together.


Tyler & Lauren

Big Bear || California

Lauren and Tyler first met in college attending Alabama. Tyler's best friend, BJ, set these two up at a sorority party where a date was required to enter. Tyler got *pretty* lucky with his assigned companion!

These two hit it off really quickly, and stayed committed to each other despite the distance as Lauren graduated and moved back home, with Tyler still out east.

The video tells the story better than I could, but their wedding day was a perfect combination of southern game day excitement in the gorgeous forest of Big Bear--what a combination! These two are SO much fun to be around, and the vibe of their day totally captured their love and life together.

Can't say I'm a Bama fan (sorry, Tyler) but I am a BIG fan of these two! 

Donovan & Laura

san clemente || California

Tyler & Lauren


Monirath + Andrea

north plains || oregon

Scottie & Nashya

joshua Tree || California

Trey & Carlie


Brooks & Melissa

Hilton Head || South Carolina

People cry when they see my video. Even strangers.

Regan was truly interested in our story, what we wanted to capture, and how we became the couple we are today. It is because of her heart, warmth, and talent, that our film turned out to be even more than we ever could have hoped for.

My video came out to be perfect, and makes everyone cry, everytime. I've heard from several friends and family that it was the best one they ever saw.

As an artist and designer myself I truly appreciate the amount of attention to detail and story that Regan puts into her work. 
From the music to the editing, it was flawless. 
- Donovan

Regan, hands down your work would make the gods cry. 
- Andrea

I'm a lover of many things, from playing a game of pick up soccer,  to watching The Office over and over,  backpacking with my ruggedly handsome husband, and surfing and scuba diving in warm, tropical water.

But more than my pastimes, my heart is truly passionate about advocating for social justice, getting to make friends from other cultures, and most importantly, using this life I've been given to love God and others by following Jesus. 

That’s the list. But if you want to hear more on how I ended up in video and photo...

Hey! I'm Regan.

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves;
    ensure justice for those being crushed.
Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless,
    and see that they get justice.
Proverbs 31:8-9


I'm based out of San Diego, originally from South Florida, and up for wherever the adventure takes me.

Film packages in San Diego begin at $5,500.

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