Angelica & John

Los Angeles Wedding at St. Teresa of Avila Church

Angelica was the new girl in town. She had recently left her home in Los Angeles, sensing God leading her to…Kentucky.

It might not have seemed like the most glamorous place after living in such a big city her whole life, but God had good things in store for her. One of which went by the name of John.

Angelica was teaching at the Catholic school where John’s sister and mom worked. She remembers chatting with him for the first time at a school picnic – and she remembers him being a bit awkward.

But, good thing Angelica is one to give second chances. She noticed John at church every morning for Mass. Seeing his fervent faith sparked an interest in her, and they hit it off quickly. 

Faith is central to John and Angelica’s lives and hearts. They aren’t in it for the show – you can tell they truly love God and want to follow him with their lives. It flows from their conversations, personalities, and lifestyles.

Wanting a sacred and holy moment to for their marriage sacrament, they participated in a latin Mass at St. Teresa of Avila Church, which was so special and unique to observe. After mass, we hiked up to the cedar grove in Griffith Park with the bridal party. [ I just love how in Southern California you can go from city to redwood forest in 15 minutes!] After our photo session, we celebrated with guests at a delicious Italian restaurant nearby, Ca Del Sol

I had the privilege of capturing Angelica’s sister’s wedding just a few weeks before hers, so it was so fun to have lots of the gang back together for more photos and to see all their family again. (When’s the next gathering?! I feel like I should be there, ha!)

It’s been such a pleasure to get to know these two over their engagement and I’m so excited to see the good works they will do with their lives.

Congrats John and Angelica!

Photo Regan Elizabeth Films || Video Peter Ascalon || Hair and Makeup Emily Lynn & Co. || Church St. Teresa of Avila || Reception Ca Del Sol