The Song Family

Ramona Grasslands

If you’re a mom with littles and you haven’t heard of the app called “Peanut”, get on your iPhone and download it now. It’s basically Tinder for mom friends. You see profiles of other mom’s and their kiddos, and swipe if you want to be their friend! They swipe at you – and ta, da! 

I met Christina on the app, and we connected to do some family photos for her little girl, June’s, first birthday. 

We met up at Ramona grasslands and had the best time together! I found out chatting with them that Christina’s husband, Carlos, spent some time living in hometown, Miami, for a bit. So it was fun reminiscing about what a unique city it is. 

June was absolutely precious! She has this sweet little tooth coming in, which was just too freaking adorable. 

Before having my son, I had no idea what I was doing photographing kids, ha! But now, having a little one close to the same age, it was SO much easier for me – knowing what makes a little one giggle and what they can actually understand when you talk to them. I also knew that we’d get the majority of our best pictures in the first 20 minutes, ha!  I knew we’d need to take breaks and have snacks, as little ones need breaks and time to explore – and plenty of distraction to sit still. 🙂

Anyways – here’s a few of my favorites! Loved capturing these moments. These are the good ‘ol days they’ll always want to remember.