Anna & Chris

Berkely, CA

I flew up to Oakland for Chris and Anna’s wedding day in April. Anna found me through the wide, tangled webs of the Instagram algorithm, and I’m so glad that she did! 

Chris and Anna weren’t able to have full on wedding reception because of Covid regulations, so they had a “grab a bento box” after the wedding, which was followed by toasts and presentations by their family and friends.

The thing I will remember about their day is how many of their friends – and I mean SO many – put videos together of what they love most about Chris and Anna. I couldn’t get over the time and effort everyone put into sharing their wishes for them, and the incredibly beautiful words and stories they used to describe who Chris and Anna are. 

But it totally makes sense – Chris and Anna have spent years of their life pouring into others through the youth ministry they are involved with through their church. They are committed to so many meaningful relationships – from their best friends to the high schoolers they mentor. 

Chris and Anna’s day felt so much bigger than just them. And that’s because their lives are bigger than just them. They truly live to serve God and others. Which is why I know they will have a rockin’ marriage – because they will look to serve each other before themself. 

Just from photographing their wedding I was encoucaged in my own marriage and walk with Jesus. These two just ooze His love with their faith. 

I felt privilege for the opportunity to be apart of it all. I also had a blast wandering around the Berkeley campus with these two for some portraits as well. 

Congrats Chris and Anna, so excited for the beautiful things in store for you both.