Fio: Family of FOUR!

Mission Trails, San Diego

When Brittany emailed me and told me she was a couple weeks pregnant and wanted to tell her husband Joey the news on camera – I was immediately in.

First off – props to Britt for keeping this news a secret until she was 8 weeks pregnant! I don’t think I could last 8 *minutes* with that kind of surprise.

We got to chatting about how to get to Joey on camera without him being suspicious. So I sent a fake email congratulating them on the photo and video shoot Instagram giveaway they won! In it, I told them how I wanted to dive more into their story as a family on camera, followed by a photo shoot.

Wow – these three did not disappoint! I’ll let these them tell their story here, but I could not get over the beautiful journey they’ve been on as a family. It was moving to listen to them talk about they way they have chosen each other and sacrificed for each other, each putting the other one first.

What I wasn’t able to include was Joey talking about leaving his career in the military just so he could be at home with Braden and Brittany more. And the incredible way Brittany put her career on hold for years to raise Braden.

s you will soon find out – they will be adding another sweet one to this family soon! I am SO excited for them and this long awaited dream for them to become a reality. That’s one lucky baby in there. I was so honored to be apart of such a special moment for the Fio family, congrats!