Anna & Chris

Wedding Photo

Berkely, CA I flew up to Oakland for Chris and Anna’s wedding day in April. Anna found me through the wide, tangled webs of the Instagram algorithm, and I’m so glad that she did!  Chris and Anna weren’t able to have full on wedding reception because of Covid regulations, so they had a “grab a […]

JJ & Audrey

Wedding Film

I Love You With Everything That is Me || Julian, CA [arve url=”″ /] These two first met in the hospital where they are both on staff for the night shift. JJ mustered up the courage to ask Audrey out in front of all the other nurses, saying they should grab breakfast when she was “off”. […]

Tyler & Lauren

Wedding Film

Alabama Meets Big Bear || Big Bear, CA [arve url=”″ /] Lauren and Tyler first met in college attending Alabama. Tyler’s best friend, BJ, set these two up at a sorority party where a date was required to enter. Tyler got *pretty* lucky with his assigned companion! These two hit it off really quickly, and […]