Austin Proposes to Morgan!


You’d think after so many weddings I’d be un-phased by once-in-a-lifetime moments. But there is such a adrenaline that comes with capturing an engagement!  Morgan was in San Diego with Austin and some friends on a getaway trip. Little did she know Austin had other plans in mind. On the way to dinner, Austin took […]

Anna & Chris

Wedding Photo

Berkely, CA I flew up to Oakland for Chris and Anna’s wedding day in April. Anna found me through the wide, tangled webs of the Instagram algorithm, and I’m so glad that she did!  Chris and Anna weren’t able to have full on wedding reception because of Covid regulations, so they had a “grab a […]

The Song Family


Ramona Grasslands If you’re a mom with littles and you haven’t heard of the app called “Peanut”, get on your iPhone and download it now. It’s basically Tinder for mom friends. You see profiles of other mom’s and their kiddos, and swipe if you want to be their friend! They swipe at you – and […]

Fio: Family of FOUR!


Mission Trails, San Diego When Brittany emailed me and told me she was a couple weeks pregnant and wanted to tell her husband Joey the news on camera – I was immediately in. First off – props to Britt for keeping this news a secret until she was 8 weeks pregnant! I don’t think I […]

Jessca & Edward


Sunset Cliffs Engagement Session The first time Jessca saw Edward, he was an usher at the church they went to. As Edward walked the basket down to the alter, Jessca nudged her sister and whispered, “He’s cute!”. A friend finally set up a day where they could all get together as friends and casually hang […]

Connor & Stephanie

Wedding Film

You Remind Me of Home Amidst the concrete jungle of LA, these two Houstonians found each other and fell in love. The night they met, Steph had hurt her neck and didn’t want to go out. But – Connor’s glad she did. Can I just say – I LOVED THIS WEDDING DAY. First off – […]

Ashley & Kyle


Kyle and Ashley are our dear friends and neighbors, and it’s been an absolute JOY to walk with them throughout pregnancy! Ashley’s been a TROOPER – from throwing up 3-7x a day for the first 16 weeks of pregnancy – to dealing with all the covid craziness and changes in plans with baby showers and […]

Angelica & John


Mission Trails Engagement Session I’m grateful to have met these two through the tangled web of hashtags that is Instagram! Somehow, the algorithms aligned – we met each other, and realized we were soul–er, photographer-mates. If that’s a thing. 😉 Seriously though – these two are amazing in so many ways. For starters, we decided […]

Taylor & Danielle

Wedding Film

Love at First Sight | Estancia, La Jolla Wedding If you’ve ever questioned whether love at first sight is actually a thing – well, you’ve got to hear Taylor and Danielle’s story. Taylor was dropping something off for a friend one night, and his friend happened to be at his girlfriend’s house. In the kitchen […]

Jonathan & Jessica


Pebble Beach Engagement I have been following the Hugos for awhile now on the ‘gram. They also do photo and video for weddings! When I was in their neck of the woods in Monterey for a break, we connected with my camera in hand! A few things to say about these two. First off – […]