Ashley & Ian

Wedding Film, Wedding Photo

Ian and Ashley met through mutual friends at a wedding in 2017. They became friends, but unfortunately Ian found himself friend-zoned for a year. Thankfully, Ashley realized the mistake she had made.

The Fountaine Family


Josh and Jessica have been friends of mine for years through our church in San Diego. Their parents were in town one week and we decided to do a quick family/couple session in Coronado!

Angelica & John

Wedding Photo

Wanting a sacred and holy moment to for their marriage sacrament, they participated in a latin Mass at St. Teresa of Avila Church, which was so special and unique to observe.

Caroline & David

Wedding Film

No Doubt In My Mind || Rustic Wedding in Julian, CA Caroline and David met at an unexpected place – a vet clinic! Caroline was starting working there new into vet medicine, and David was already a doctor. These two had the sweetest wedding at a new spot in Julian – Oakwood Creek Celebrations. I […]

The Williams Family


I met Emily and Bobby just towards the end of Emily’s pregnancy through a mutual friend, and found out that not only did we go to the same church – we lived just a block apart in North Park in San Diego! Since then, we started a little mom-hang for others in the neighborhood, and […]

Jessca & Edward

Wedding Photo

Jessca and Edward’s wedding in Burbank was a perfect combination of a traditional ceremony and a modern reception at Forme Los Angeles.

Hayley & Luke

Wedding Film

Classy Lowcountry Wedding in South Carolina If you ask them – Luke and Hayley will tell you they met when they were paired together as mentor/mentee for Hayley’s interest in medical school, where Luke was enrolled. If you ask their friends – they will tell you that they actually re-connected through Tinder, ha! These two […]

Austin Proposes to Morgan!


You’d think after so many weddings I’d be un-phased by once-in-a-lifetime moments. But there is such a adrenaline that comes with capturing an engagement!  Morgan was in San Diego with Austin and some friends on a getaway trip. Little did she know Austin had other plans in mind. On the way to dinner, Austin took […]

Anna & Chris

Wedding Photo

Berkely, CA I flew up to Oakland for Chris and Anna’s wedding day in April. Anna found me through the wide, tangled webs of the Instagram algorithm, and I’m so glad that she did!  Chris and Anna weren’t able to have full on wedding reception because of Covid regulations, so they had a “grab a […]

The Song Family


Ramona Grasslands If you’re a mom with littles and you haven’t heard of the app called “Peanut”, get on your iPhone and download it now. It’s basically Tinder for mom friends. You see profiles of other mom’s and their kiddos, and swipe if you want to be their friend! They swipe at you – and […]