Cristen & Jason

Wedding Film

Jason and Cristen met years before they ever dated. They both went to architecture school in Los Angeles and shared the same friend group between them, but the timing just wasn’t right for them. Years after school and into their career, they happened to be in LA and reconnected…

Megan & Andrew

Wedding Film

I laughed so hard listening to Megan’s maid of honor and Andrew’s best man just absolutely roast them in their delivery of their story. With my husband also in the medical field, I was dying listening to the “HIPAA violations”.

Justine & Matthew

Wedding Film

I Love Your Love || Saddlerock Ranch Wedding in Malibu Justine and Matt met through mutual friends. Justine showed up at Matt’s apartment to meet someone else – but quickly became intrigued by all the adventurous pieces decorating Matt’s apartment – from fishing gear and kayaks to his surfboards. I’ll let the video tell the […]

Gretchen & Stephen

Wedding Film

Gretchen and Stephen became friends in college. Stephen had made it his ambition to study abroad from his home in Taiwan, and fate would lead him to more than just an education here in the States. It was during his time at UCLA where he met Gretchen while were both design majors.

Megan & Clint

Wedding Film

The Most Precious Melody || Private Estate, Southern California Megan is from Southern California, and Clint is from Knoxville, Tennessee. They met – quite literally – in the middle. Houston, that is. I love how they both shared their story in their vows – they were both immediately impressed by each other and attracted to […]

Phoenix & Kevin

Wedding Film

I love that pre-dating dance that happens before a full-fledged relationship takes shape. The goal is to get a sense of the other person’s availability and interest, without being *too* obvious about it. To seem interested – but not be *too* interested.

Ashley & Ian

Wedding Film, Wedding Photo

Ian and Ashley met through mutual friends at a wedding in 2017. They became friends, but unfortunately Ian found himself friend-zoned for a year. Thankfully, Ashley realized the mistake she had made.

The Fountaine Family


Josh and Jessica have been friends of mine for years through our church in San Diego. Their parents were in town one week and we decided to do a quick family/couple session in Coronado!

Angelica & John

Wedding Photo

Wanting a sacred and holy moment to for their marriage sacrament, they participated in a latin Mass at St. Teresa of Avila Church, which was so special and unique to observe.

Caroline & David

Wedding Film

No Doubt In My Mind || Rustic Wedding in Julian, CA Caroline and David met at an unexpected place – a vet clinic! Caroline was starting working there new into vet medicine, and David was already a doctor. These two had the sweetest wedding at a new spot in Julian – Oakwood Creek Celebrations. I […]