Jessca & Edward

Sunset Cliffs Engagement Session

The first time Jessca saw Edward, he was an usher at the church they went to. As Edward walked the basket down to the alter, Jessca nudged her sister and whispered, “He’s cute!”.

A friend finally set up a day where they could all get together as friends and casually hang out. Jessca and her sister had it all figured out – she would be her wingman, and they’d make sure that she and Edward had some time to chat, connect, hit it off, become soulmates, etc.

Well – after introducing each other, Jessca quickly learned that Edward had a girlfriend…and there went that plan.

But given a little bit of time, and enough friendship, these two eventually found their way to one another and realized they were right for each other all along.

If you can’t tell by the photos – we laughed the entire length of this shoot! I’m so excited for more fun together when I capture their wedding in June!