Paul & Elisabeth

Love with Christ at the Center

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It’s a common story among couples that opposites attract. But Paul and Elizabeth are an example that the opposite is also true—some times you marry someone just like you!

Paul and Elisabeth grew up and lived in separate states—but thankfully their mutual friends quickly made a connection that these two would make a great match. They both had SO many unique interests in common. Not only are they both part of the Romanian community, but they also love photography, traveling, the outdoors, and very specifically: they both have a huge passion for Lord of the Rings and New Zealand. They really are made for each other.

Despite their shy and meek personalities, they quickly hit it off once they started chatting on a hiking trip organized by their friends. These two have endured the long-distance agony of living states apart during their relationship, and it was obvious to see how excited they are to start theirs lives together. Honestly, the way these two look at each other is the definition of smitten.

I especially loved how their faith was the central, unifying theme of their day—that Paul’s love for Elisabeth is an example of the sacrificial, unconditional love of Jesus for his people. With this agape, selfless love of God at the center of the marriage, I know they have a lifetime of beautiful memories ahead of them.

Congrats Paul and Elisabeth!


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