Mike & Mackenzie

I’m Not Crying You’re Crying

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Mike and Mackenzie both went to the same high school in New Jersey. Mackenzie’s dad actually watched Mike on the high school football team, unbeknownst to him he was watching his future son in law. It would take a few more years and some help from family and friends for them to connect. But when they did, these two knew it was a sure thing.

I’ve said it over and over (to them and everyone else) that these two are the definition of a good looking couple. With Mike in his Navy whites, and Mackenzie just looking gorgeous as always in her jaw-dropping dress–these two practically lit the camera on fire.

But they are more than pretty faces! Mike is a SEAL and has been deployed multiple times, while Mackenzie quit her corporate job to teach special needs kids. They both are such examples of bravery and sacrifical service.

I truly enjoyed the heartfelt toasts, and the hilarious stories told about each these two. It’s clear they are meant to be–and both families are really excited about it!

These two have beautiful future (and let’s be honest, future beautiful children) ahead of them. I’m so grateful to tell their story on their wedding day.

Congrats Mike and Mackenzie!

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