...back in the days of home camcorders and VHS tapes. My brother and I would make skits while my parents went out on dates, and play them back for our parents when they returned. 
My simple childhood hobby turned into a passion later in life. I began taking classes in college on film, and found myself lost for hours and hours on end in the editing lab.


As I began traveling internationally as a young adult, I started encountering incredible stories from the people I met around the world. I'll never forget my friend Lewis and the conversation I had outside his hut in a village in Zambia. I asked him what I could do to serve the world, to change it. He told me to look at what God had put in my hands. 
Figuratively and literally, that's always been video.

Videos have this incredible ability to transport us into another time and place; to make you feel something. Why? Because us humans are wired to tell stories. 

Filming has taken me around the world - from Haiti to Uganda, Nepal to Costa Rica. But my goal with each film is the same: to tell a story that matters.

non-profit work

I am born and raised in sunny South Florida, but living in sunny San Diego currently. 

You'll probably find me either surfing, playing soccer, hiking, or reading in my free time.

I am married to the most wonderful man on the planet. I highly recommend it.

Going to college in Columbia, South Carolina left me with a soft spot for the good 'ol South.

Coffee and I get along *REALLY* great.

My claim to fame: in 3rd grade I won an award for the best cursive handwriting in the state of Florida. 

Did you know that a blue whale's heart is the size of a Volkswagen?!

Tabouli, falafel, shwarma, and anything on the menu in a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern restaurant is my favorite.

I'm a sucker for personality tests. Currently, I'm into the Enneagram, and it has me at a three. I'll probably try to figure yours out too.

Fun Facts!

Your wedding film should be more than just pretty moving images. It should be a story that makes you feel the excitement, the butterflies, the joy - all over again. 

I'll never get tired of the unconditional, covenant love that marriage is a symbol of. It's what grounds this whole universe and reflects the sacrificial and reckless love of God himself. I'm so grateful for my own love story to my husband, Jack, who loves me so well. 

I truly consider each wedding a privilege to capture. I'd be honored to tell your story on your wedding day!

love is a story worth telling

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