Steph & Mo

Milagro Winery | Ramona, CA

How Mo and Steph met is like something out of a rom-com. Mo first noticed Steph in chemistry class. Upon seeing the beautiful girl he was lucky enough to share a class with, he went a step farther and intentionally moved his seat to make sure he was sitting next to her so they could be lab partners. Between lab notes, broken beakers, lab notes catching a notebook on fire they fell in love—and the rest is history!

These two were SO easy to film on their day! They were smiles and grins all day, laughing and joking with each other and us! They were down for anything—even running through a cloud of dust kicked up by the golf carts! #worthit We were so lucky for an incredibly gorgeous sunset for the end of our photos, and danced the night away with friends and family.

These two are sweet, humble, and kind. So excited for you two, Congrats Mo and Steph!

Video || Regan Elizabeth Films
Photo || Sierra Solis Photography
Venue || Milagro Winery
Rentals || Farm Tables and More
DJ || Dancing DJ Productions
Cake || Joy Baked